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Chris Bohnsack, Bohnsack Design

Chris Bohnsack,
Creative Director

I founded Bohnsack Design for one good reason: I don't do average very well. Which might surprise you because I look average. I don't have any visible tattoos, spiked hair or funky glasses. I drive a Chevrolet. I'm happily married and have three kids. You'd think I'd be really good at average – but I'm not.

The problem is that "average" passes through the consumer awareness like white picket fences zooming by at 90 mph.

Let's be clear. I'm not talking about over-the-top, fireworks in your face, zany work that looks like a college kid drunk on Photoshop designed it. No, effective marketing is actually quite simple – be interesting.

Interesting can be something as clever as one word, as dramatic as a tear on the cheek, or it could simply be a new way of looking at an old problem. Interesting messaging combined with smart design invites conversation.

"Interesting messaging combined with smart design invites conversation."

Case in point – you're still reading this. That's because I engaged you in discussion. Just as I have engaged countless clients including Aetna, Arizona State University, the University of Arizona, Hidden Meadow Ranch, Osborn Maledon Law, PetSmart, Quantum Helicopters, The Ritz-Carlton at Dove Mountain, SkyMall, United Way, the list goes on. See what my clients say for yourself.

Clients aren't the only ones my work has captivated. My design has also been featured in several books, recent titles include The Big Book of Self-Promotion and Graphically Speaking. Moreover, I've won numerous awards from my peers in the advertising business including the Prisma Awards, Addy Awards, Pollie Awards and have been recognized in Print Magazine's Regional Design Annual.

"...extensive experience in the design and development of sophisticated, easy-to-use websites..."

Oops, I just saw your eyes glaze over. Stay with me here... After all, you probably don't care that I have taught senior-level web design classes at Grand Canyon University. Or, that I'm a member of the American Advertising Federation, and hold Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Arizona. You probably don't care about the 3 defining principles of Bohnsack Design, or that I have extensive experience in the design and development of sophisticated, easy-to-use websites (I've designed hundreds of interactive projects, everything from e-mail to e-commerce).

Naw, you just want to know what I can do. Simply put, I make your company, your service, and your organization more interesting. And in turn get more people interested in doing business with you. I get you noticed and I keep your customers involved.

I don't do average very well. But I bust the curve on interesting.

If you have a project that might be a good fit, I'd love to hear from you.

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